Carrot seeds


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Scientific Name: Daucus Carota

Description: Carrots originate from Central Asia and the Mediterranean. The orange colour is due to the large amount of beta carotene it has. It is one of the most widely used foods in the world because of its benefits, especially at the eye level.


  • Improves intestinal transit,
  • Helps protect eyesight,
  • Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties,
  • Helps maintain healthy skin.

Planting Tips: Carrots are a mild climate species, grown in the warm months in temperate countries and in winter in subtropical countries. The seeds should be planted directly in the garden because the carrot does not stand well to be transplanted. Germination occurs within one to three weeks.

Soil: Carrots should be grown in soil without stones and other debris. It should be rich in organic matter, fertile and with good drainage.

Exposure / Temperature: Direct sunlight or partial shade provided the brightness is good.

Irrigation: Water when necessary to keep the soil slightly moist. Excess water can rot the roots.

Harvesting: Harvesting can begin 90 to 130 days after planting. If you see cracks in the soil, it may be a good time to pick your carrots.

Life Cycle: Biennial Plant Grown as Annual

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