ECOPIPE, is a new irrigation system, made up of tubes of recycled material that transpires inside the earth, reduces the consumption of water 70%, reduce the fertilizers about 50%, reduce the workers, and you can control for smartphone or computer, and can produce all kinds products (rice, citrus fruits (4 years), tomatoes, potatoes, vegetables, olive (3 to 10), onion, eggplant, sugar (beet), sweet peppers, cajou nut, peanut, rapeseed (biodiesel or food oil), wheat, rye, oats, corn, etc. Very simple to put on land and at the end of life (25 years), can be removed from the earth, recycled again and produce new ECO PIPES. So we are talking about a sustainable system.



Main development (R&D) features of Ecopipe

  • Significantly in machine technology and equipment
  • Significantly in the manufacturing process and method
  • Changes and processing of raw material specifications and their composition
  • In installation methodology
  • In installation technology and equipment
  • Installation machinery
  • Specific irrigation Steering adapted and synchronized to Sys EcoTube® – the final stage
  • Innovative patented Sensor Technology adapted and synchronized to Sys Ecopipe® – final stage: tuning GPS data logging
  • Innovative and cost-efficient Sys Ecopipe® Filtration
  • Application of our 100% patented organic soil conditioner with the potential to enhance yield per year by ca. 30% – 1 – max. 2 applications required only.


A completely new approach of Ecopipe in general

  • Ecopipe main Supply Lines are much smaller dimensioned than ALL conventional irrigation systems.
  • Ecopipe is applicable even for vast agricultural areas due to segmentation of the area into manageable Sections of 4.300 meters each.
  • That is why Ecopipe is
    • Individual
    • Unlimited
    • Modular
    • Scalable
  • The protagonists of Ecopipe focus were driven by further developing an irrigation system with the highest benefits for the environment, local economy and social responsibility.


Ecopipe – comparison with Surface Irrigation
Surface irrigation – after 3 months


EcoTube – after 3 months


Maize in Tunisia
Surface drip irrigation – weed growth


EcoPipe – NO weed growth
– bigger, healthier plants



Smart Irrigation System

EcoPipe is an efficient irrigation system that transports water, nutrients and oxygen straight to the root zone, through buried porous pipes.


This smart system:

  • decreases water consumption by up to 70%
  • seeps fluids in a targeted way, supplying plant roots with everything they need
  • decreases the use of fertilizer by up to 50%
  • contributes to developing stronger and deeper roots in plants
  • improves soil structure and leads to higher yields

Functional and efficient

In large-scale installations, the functional, computer-operated system can be controlled via the internet and GPRS from everywhere in the world and is almost maintenance-free.


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