Onion seeds


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Scientific Name: Allium Cepa

Description: The onion comes from the Asian continent. The world’s largest producer of this food is China. It is a food with numerous benefits to our health. It is also the main condiment used by most people.


  • Improves circulation,
  • Prevents skin ageing,
  • Controls blood glucose,
  • Has anti-inflammatory action.

Planting Tips: Sowing is usually done in sowing and transplanting the seedlings to the final site occurs between 5 to 8 weeks after sowing. Germination usually occurs between one and two weeks.

Soil: The soil should be fertile, rich in organic matter and well drained.

Exposure / Temperature: Direct sun for a few hours a day.

Irrigation: Water the soil frequently to keep it moist during plant growth. Decrease the frequency of watering when the bulbs are growing.

Harvest: The time to harvest will depend on several factors. When the onion branch is quite large it means that the root is too.

Life cycle: Biennial.

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