Oregon seeds


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Category: Aromatic Herb

Scientific Name: Origanum Vulgare

Description: Originally from the Mediterranean, this aromatic herb is widely used as a spice in cooking. It has many benefits to our health, helping to prevent and combat some diseases.


  • Strengthens the immune system,
  • Has an anti-inflammatory action,
  • Has antioxidant properties,
  • Assists in digestion.

Planting Tips: The seeds of oregano can be sown directly at the definitive site. It can grow in seedlings or small pots. Germination usually occurs within two weeks.

Soil: Soil must be fertile and well-drained although it grows even in poor soil. It is tolerant of soil pH. This plant grows best in limestone soil.

Exposure / Temperature: Direct sunlight a few hours a day.

Irrigation: Water frequently so that the soil remains slightly moist. Both lack and excess water damage the oregano.

Harvest: Harvest the leaves when the plant is about 20 cm tall. They taste better when harvested during the flowering season of the plant.

Life Cycle: Perennial (a designation given to plant species whose life cycle is long.)

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