Rapeseed seeds


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Scientific Name: Brassica Napus

Description: Possibly originating in the Mediterranean, rapeseed, is a plant from whose seeds the oil/rapeseed is extracted. It stands out as being the third most produced oilseed in the world. Rapeseed oil needs to be refined to become fit for consumption.

Oil Properties:

  • It is favourable for bone health,
  • Attenuate hepatic steatosis,
  • Helps in reducing cardiovascular pathologies.

Planting Tips: Do not sow rapeseed on dry soil as the result will be low plant yield or low grain yield. Rapeseed cultivation requires cool seasons.

Soil: Rapeseed requires fertile, well-drained soil. The pH should be above 5.5 and the fertilization should be balanced.

Exposure: Rapeseed is a kind of temperate/cold climate.

Irrigation: Both scarcity and excess water should be avoided as it may decrease grain yield. Rapeseed does not tolerate soggy soils.

Harvesting: Begin harvesting when the moisture content of the grains is up to 18%. The predominant colour of the beans is the best indicator.

Life cycle: Annual.

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